Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Assess Your Business Now

Family businesses have unique struggles which deter progress and prevent growth in meeting the overall vision of…

How To Offload Stress

That’s a problem. Stress can have a negative impact on our health. It can crush our confidence and optimism. …

Tornado Waterspout

Case Study: Independent Retail Store (Locally Owned & Operated)

In response to COVID-19, government recommended shutdowns resulting in catastrophic revenue loss. This owner had invested in the help needed to come up with…

Business executive watching the sunrise

How would you rate your experience in business ownership?

Most leaders in business feel like 2020 has represented one of the toughest business environments they’ve ever faced. Leaders have faced not one major crisis, but multiple threats and opportunities all within the same calendar year.

We ought to give a special shout out to our brothers and sisters in…

Last week there was a particular Tweet that resonated with me. It was from someone who captured a sign about wearing a mask in her store.

Most of my clients (the exceptions being a startup and a virtual team) have wanted to discuss the wearing of PPE’s (masks, gloves and…

If only things looked this good for all of us during this time!

I know that every day is a challenging one. The news is disturbing, we are all worried and out of sorts.

As a former therapist, I want you to know that you aren’t losing it. Trouble sleeping, focusing, concentrating are all signs of your brain’s struggles to stay on top…

Wendy Dickinson

The Business Coach with the Therapeutic Approach, Entrepreneur, Catalytic Conversations podcaster. Wife, Mother of 2 amazing millennials.

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